2d Character Design

Although sometimes disparaged in this age of 3-D style, classic 2-D character animation still has a broad appeal . The creation of a 2-D character for video animation is far from a lost art. Like most animators, our animation craftsmen started by creating 2-D animation and they love the process of stitching one frame to another to create the illusion of motion.

Our team can handle all aspects of this process. From the initial sketching, to the minute details of the characters’ clothing and expressions.

Here are the aspects that we cover:

Story Development and Execution

We handle every aspect of the 2-D character animation. We can help you develop your original idea into a complete narrative with setting, beginning, middle and end. Our team of professional animation writers can help you develop the copy for your commercial or do the script writing for your full-length e-learning video creation.

We can also take care of the storyboarding so that you can get a strong visual sense of how your 2-D character will actually look within the story.

Syncing the Key Frames

As part of your video animation, we take that key frames (the individual s frames made in the initial process) and we make sure that they sync with the subsequent frames to create one smooth flowing action rather than having the distracting kind of skipping you sometimes find when looking at rough animation sequences.

As part of this process, often it is necessary to insert additional frames in between the initial set of frames to make sure the exact look of your full-length animations or shorts are achieved.

Syncing Data

We also make sure to carefully note all the relevant data about exposure and other technicalities so that each individual in our team will know exactly how to insure the quality of your 2-D character animation. This will minimize the editing time needed and speed up the process overall.

We are also sure to have multiple levels of quality control so that you can be assured that your video animation will be of the highest quality.

Coloring, Voiceovers and Post-Production

We can also handle the post production aspects of your 2-D Character animation. We can find the right voice actors to provide the professional voice overs for your animation. We will be sure to add the coloring and the sound effects as necessary. And we will keep working until you have achieved your vision of the 2-D Character animation.

Who Uses 2-D Character Animation

So who is 2-D Character Animation intended for?

There are various contexts in which 2-D Character animation is your best choice:

  • Educational Animations: There are few better ways to get information across than full-length animations. Whether you are trying to teach online students about the life cycle or retell a classic fairytale, 2-D character animation can help convey information in a memorable and entertaining fashion.
  • Mascot Design: If you have a company and you are looking to have a 2-D Character as your mascot—one that can be used as part of your logo as well as in short videos—2-D Character animation can be a great way to go. A short video on your website might be just the way to capture the attention of your customers.
  • Commercial Animations: A short 2-D character animation can also be the perfect solution for an animated commercial. People are far more likely to give you benefit of the doubt when you present your pitch in an entertaining fashion such as through 2-D character animation.

So if you are ready to get started, be sure to contact us today.