3D Character Design/ Modeling

3-D character design is the creation of an animated character that exists and moves in a space that has the illusion of depth and mass. In 3-D video animation, where the central character is the fulcrum on which the entir narrative rests, having a 3-D character design is vital to the success of the project. Without a compelling central character viewers will simply not be willing to follow the narrative to its conclusion.

So whether you just need a short commercial animation to help draw visitors into your website, or you need a highly charismatic, expressive character to be at the center of your full-length animations—The Animation Spot’s team of design professionals are ready to provide you with what you need to make your project a success.

3-D Character Design Techniques

Character Design has come a long way since the Road Runner was first being chased by Wylie Coyote. These days video animations are being created with computers and programs especially composed to make the entire process more efficient and cost effective.

This evolution in character design has opened up an entire world of new possibilities for those seeking 3-D animation. Now even your average person can afford to finance full-length animations. Here are some of the technologies that make this possible:

  • Autodesk 3DS Max: One of the great modeling software programs, this allows for setting the fundamentals of your 3-D character design. 3ds Max is one of the traditional favorites for video game designers and also has functions that industrial field professionals (such as architects) have found useful for all kinds of 3-D modeling and 3-D rendering.
  • Autodesk Maya: One of the premier 3-D animation tools, Autodesk Maya, with tools like Zbrush makes it a synch to take low poly characters (like those sometimes crated with 3ds Max) and migrate them into Maya so that you can smooth out shells and work out the textures and technical aspects of meshes and skins. The highly realist effects of Maya have long been used to create full length video animations.
  • Flash: A mainstay of the web, Flash design has greatly improved over the years making it much more friendly for websites and allowing for amazing web based graphics. If you are a website own, Flash for websites is definitely worth a look.
  • Adobe After Effects: An outstanding tool for video editing, Adobe After Effects can also be used for some types of 3-D character design.

In addition to our 3-D character design, The Animation Spot also offers you a full slate of animation services from character development and story boarding to script writing, professional voice overs and even web marketing.

Whether you are an online business looking to use flash for websites to create a killer demo for you internet business, or you are an traditional university looking to create educational animations or commercials that highlight the benefits students receive from the experiences they can expect on your campus—The Animation Spot can help bring your visions and goals to life.

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