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The Animation Spot is a great place to find animators that can create the kind of work you have been dreaming of. Animation companies around the world all have animators of different skill and quality levels. Here at The Animation Spot, our affordable animators are nothing shy of phenomenal. You will receive amazingly high quality animation work at a very inexpensive price, and that’s all anyone really wants right?

Our Local Animators can produce 3d animation, 2d animation, as well as take care of the character design, 3D modeling, rigging, storyboards, and much more!

Our 3D animators have produced amazing work, if you are trying to find a 3D animator, look no further, The Animation Spot is the place to look.

Many animation firms will claim that they are inexpensive, affordable, and some may even call themselves cheap animation companies, however, usually you will be losing quality to gain price. Look at their portfolios closely because many fly-by-night animators have stolen portfolio pieces, or bad portfolio pieces, horrible websites, and bad customer service.

Choosing the right animator or animation company can often times prove to be a daunting task. You may find yourself talking to so many animators that you lost track of which ones stood out.

The Animation Spot prides itself by standing out from the crowd. We have great testimonials, reviews, case studies, and many fantastic animated portfolio examples to show our clients. Our website wasn’t built in the stone age, when our phone rings, we pick up and greet you in a friendly manner, and from the time of your initial call, until your project is over, you will experience nothing but the best quality of work and customer service from our staff.

We work with the following animation software: Maya, 3Ds Max, Flash & After Effects

We provide the following services: Web Animation, Animated Commercials, Flash Animation, 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Illustration, Character Design, Game Design, Game Development, 3D Rendering, Storyboarding, texturing, rigging, Script Writing / Copywriting, Backgrounds / Layouts, Architectural Walk Throughs (floor plans), Flash Presentations, Corporate Presentations, Inking & Coloring, E Learning Animations (E-learning CBTs), Book Illustrations, and Web Design and web development.