2D Animation

With all the hub-bub about 2-D animation, you might wonder why anyone would choose 2-D animation when 3-D has become so available. At The Animation Spot we know that both are useful and can be used in various ways by our clients. When we counsel clients, we always keep the goals of the project in mind.

Although 3-D effects are slicker and perfect for high quality commercials, there are certain situations in which a simple 2-d animation is exactly what is called for by the goals of your video animation project.

Here are a few of these situations that we have come across:

Educational Animations Production

One of the places where we find 2-D animation to be most useful is when it comes to educational contexts. Educational animations tend to work much better with 2-D animations. This is because the flatter quality of 2-D animation is less distracting to students and allows students more easily to focus on the characters, the story and the information being conveyed rather than being over stimulated by the visual aspects of the video.

In addition, students are much less intimidated by these storybook style video animation presentations than they are by slick, overproduced videos. Students of all ages—from kindergarten to college—find such videos comforting and entertaining.

Of course, this does not mean that these videos are easier to make. You still must go through the process of creating an effective video, regardless of whether it is a full length video or just a short. You must develop the idea into a story, which must undergo a story boarding and a script writing phase in which our professional writers make it into a compelling narrative. Then, in the character design phase, unique and intriguing animated characters must be designed and once you begin shooting, professional voice overs are the best way to go in terms of adding sound.

We can help you achieve all this at The Animation Spot. Our team of creative professionals loves to create educational animations.

E-Learning Video Creation: A special subset of educations animations are E-Learning Video creations. Because of the remote access, having visually entertaining videos rather than just a video feed from a classroom becomes that much more important. Students learn much better watching an e-learning video creation than simply by listening to lectures every day.

Business Applications

But 2-D animation is not just for educational purposes. For the same reasons that 2-D works so well in classrooms, so too can it be said to work in the business realm. If you have a complicated service to explain, few things work better than having a simple animated script for customers. The playful presentation, simple backgrounds and captivating narrative tend to work much better than simply presenting information in a dry, flat written medium.

  • Commercial Animation: As we mentioned above, 2-D animation is great for commercials that require a good deal of information to exchange.
  • HTML 5 for Websites: Another great use for 2-D animation is for your website where visitors can click on your animation to find out about your services in a different way. And with HTML 5 for websites, you will find that much less is demanded from your websites than with Flash for websites.
  • Employee Education: Another area where such simple storybook style animations work particularly well are in instructional videos for teaching customers company policies. The non-threatening appearance of the video is both comforting and memorable for incoming employees.

Think you might have a project that is well-suited for 2-D animation? Give us a call and let’s take the first step towards making it a reality.