3D Animation

3-D animation and 3-D techonology in general are all the rage now since James Cameron’s Avatar hit the theaters a couple of years ago. The wave has Hollywood with a plethora of movies now being designed with 3-D effects in mind.

3-D Animation, however, has several uses outside of just entertainment. A good 3-D animator can help you design everything from commercials to 3D 360 floor plan design concepts.

If you are looking to really wow your customers, students or viewers, then 3-D is definitely the way to go.

Full Length Animations

Have a full length animation project that you think would work really well with 3-D animation?

Let our 3-D animation company take your project from daydream to debut. Our team of experienced animators and developers can help you with every aspect of your project. We can help you develop your idea into a full length narrative. Then our professional writing team can help you develop that treatment into a shooting script. Our development team will then take your script and create a storyboard of the action that will give you a visual sense of what frames will be shot.

From there your dedicated 3-D animator will help you flesh out your character design, choosing the details of physical appearance and clothing that will help viewers identify with your hero.

From there, the fun really begins as we begin shooting your script and bringing your scenes to life, designing everything from setting to the action within the script. Our animators have fully mastered 3-D editing programs such as Maya and 3D Max (both from Autodesk), and can fully develop the details of narrative so that it has the authenticity and realism that will help make it a success.

Once your full length video is complete, we can also help you to market your video harnessing the power of the internet to spread the word and create buzz about your animation.

Business Uses for 3-D Animation

But 3-D animation is not just about entertaining. 3-D narratives also have a number of business uses:

  • 3-D Commercial Animations: Amazing 3-D effects can really help products jump out at your customers, creating that eye catching pop that, combined with music and outstanding editing, can really make your product memorable. Whether you are selling automobiles or corn flakes, 3-D animations can really help out.
  • 3-D Presentations: Nothing beats a 3-D animation for spicing up material that might otherwise be a snoozer. Perfect for convention presentations or in-house sales pitches, 3-D animations can help you present charts and displays in a way that really draws the eye.
  • 3-D Modeling: 3-D modeling is also a great solution for companies, such as architectural firms, where the need to show customers what things will look like can make the difference between signing a client or losing them to the competition.
  • Education Animations: From 3D rendering for medical videos to entertaining School House Rock style instructional videos to jazz up materials students otherwise find dull—the educational possibilities for 3-D animation are just as promising.

This is just some the possibilities for 3-D animation with which the team at The Animation Spot can help you. So if you are ready to get started, just contact us. Consultations are always free.