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Look no further, The Animation Spot produces high quality Stop Motion Production and is ready to take your idea to the next level! You have probably been looking at other Stop Motion Animation Companies, but many of them are either too expensive, or they are in a country where language and time barriers serve a problem. Well now you have the perfect solution! The Animation Spot combines an affordable price point with amazing high quality stop motion production.

You can’t get more old school than Stop-motion animation. The form goes back more than a century now to the grand-daddies of modern cinema—almost as far back as the Lumiere brothers themselves. It has been used in everything from the original King Kong to The Fantastic Mr. Fox and remains a mainstay for animators today, often used for commercials and educational features.

Stop motion production is, in case you are not old enough to remember experiencing them in Sunday morning adventure movies, the craft of using still shots of an inanimate object in sequence in order to create the illusion of motion.

Your Stop-Motion Animation Company

Our stop motion animators have the skill and know-how to bring your stop motion production concept to life. Unlike other stop motion animation companies who only cater to large corporate clients or function merely as a part of a larger film studio—at The Animation Spot, we serve small to midsized projects, offering you a complete solution for your stop motion production needs.

As you might guess, stop motion animation production requires a great deal of patience and attention to detail on the part of the stop motion animators. At The Animation Spot, we people our stop-motion animation company with the kind of animators who will not only handle your project with the professionalism you expect from a paid service but with the passion for animation that fuels them to go the extra mile.

An Affordable Stop Motion Animation Company

You will also find that we are one of the most affordable stop-motion animation companies you can find. We can keep costs low because we have stream-lined our processes and avoided becoming a part of a bloated movie studio.

Take the time to contact us and get a quote and you will see that bringing that stop motion animation project to life will not be as difficult or expensive as you might think. Just go to Get a Quote and see how little it can cost to bring your animation project to life.

A Great Way of Advertising your Business

Many of clients come to us when they want to have their message spread in a way that really reaches not only kids but a fair number of grown-ups. A commercial that utilizes stop motion production still captivates kids today because of the unique way that it captures motion. But it is not just for young children. Adults who remember stop motion animation from their childhoods are also often drawn to this captivating process of film-making.

In fact, stop-motion animation can be the perfect solution for companies looking to market themselves as hip and in tune with young adults since this process is also amazingly well suited humor.

Regardless of whether you would like us to use stop-motion animation to reach young adults to teach them about physics or to sell your product to college age kids, The Animation Spot is the place go. Just click here and find out just how affordable your stop motion production can actually be:

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