Whether you’re looking to create animated web commercials or actual TV spots, The Animation Spot has the experience, expertise and creativity to deliver your marketing message in a professional and affordable manner.

Commercial video animation is no longer just for giant corporations like Coca Cola. Advances in video creation and editing have been made much simpler and more affordable for the average company or dedicated individual. Animation programs like Maya, 3D Max, Flash, After Effects and HTML 5 for websites have made it possible for companies to present their marketing messages in a fun, attractive manner that reaches across age and demographic differences.

Here are just some of the ways that The Animation Spot can use commercial video animation to help your business:

Web Video Animations

With HTML 5 for websites or Flash for websites, we can help you to really draw in users with clear attractive commercial animation that really speaks to your demographic. Users will be attracted, informed and entertained by your commercial video, increasing the chances that your site will convert them and that you will maximize your profits.

Worried about slowing down load-time or creating problems with SEO?

You may have heard bad things about what Flash and other animation technologies will do to you loading speeds and your overall web marketing.

You need not worry however. The Animation Spot fully understands how to mitigate the problems related to using Flash for websites and what the tradeoffs could be in terms of load times and marketing problems.

We will make sure that your web animation does not slow your website significantly or weaken your sites’ visibility on the web. Many of our employees come from a back ground in Search Engine Marketing and they fully understand the complications of SEO.

Traditional Animated Commercials

We also specialize in creating traditional commercial messages for TV, the web or other mediums. From professional scriptwriting, storyboarding, character design, visual editing and sound editing—our commercial production team is as good at it gets at creating affordable animated commercial spots.

And the great thing about video animation is that it often looks much better and more professional than your typical low cost commercial messages which come off as stiff and unprofessional. With animation not even the sky is the limit when it comes to what you can do without higher costs—and we can make sure that your message is rendered in a way that really hits with your audience by not only expertly designing your commercial but also getting the professional voice overs that will bring your characters to life.

Commercial Animation

And don’t forget that we also take care of a number of other kinds of commercial animation, including but not limited to:

  • 3-Rendering: Are you an architect who wants to show your clients how a floor plan will look when you are done? No need to spend hours trying to explain it—just show it to them with 3-D 360 floor plan design.
  • Educational Animation Creation: Nothing beats having animated training videos for your employees—they won’t even realize they are learning your protocols.
  • Guerilla Marketing: Reach your audience where they live—on social media sites like YouTube and MySpace. Create video animation messages that look authentic, spread your message and build your brand identity simultaneously.

Intrigued? Just contact us to find out what the Animation Spot can do for your business.