E-Learning Animation Production

E-Learning animation production has never been more practical or more affordable. At The Animation Spot, our dedicated educational animators love to work on projects that not only entertain audiences but also enlighten them. So whether you have an online education site and you need professionally executed e-learning animation production done at affordable rates, or you are a business that wants to create an entertaining employee training video, The Animation Spot is ready to handle all aspects of your educational video animation project.

We are one of the premiere educational animation companies, and our experienced programmers know all the ins-and-outs of all the major video animation design software, from Autodesk Maya and 3Ds Max to Flash After Effects and HTML 5 for websites. Whether you just need a simple 2-D short to illustrate a grammatical rule, or a full length video with 3-D effects to explore the Theory of Evolution, our animators are ready to help you develop and realize your idea so that you can better teach whatever your subject may be.

Why Should You Use Animation for your Educational Animations?

Many e-learning websites simply opt for dull video-taped lectures as their primary method of instruction. These videos—similar to the thousands you can find for free on YouTube—certainly can mimic the classroom experience of many college students.

The main problem with this however is that this is often not even the most captivating teaching method when students are actually in the same hall as the instructor. When you add the element of distance and delay to the mix, it is not surprising that many students will simply not find a droning instructor very exciting.

To really reach the online learning community, you must use the strengths of online video in your favor. Educational animations do exactly that. They allow you to reach your audience in a language they not only understand but are captivated by. A well-designed e-learning video creation that utilizes educational animations can make for a truly popular and engaging learning experience that is sure to attract higher enrollment.

Why are educational animations so captivating to online students?

Animation is the perfect vehicle for educational modules because it can present complicated information in a stress-free way. Students simply respond well to educational animations because they associate such videos with their weekend morning cartoon watching.

In addition to being non-threatening, this kind of e-learning video creation is also extremely effective at actually presenting complicated information in a visual, audio, and abstract form that makes it accessible to a larger number of students. This is not to say that an online video necessarily makes a better experience than a course run by an experienced professional instructor.

Such online videos however can play a prominent role in helping students to master the material they read about in school.

Full Process Educational Video Creation

Finally, we can handle any and all aspects of your educational video creation—from developing the concept, the managing of script writing, the sketching of story boarding, to the actual designing and creation of the video. We can even help you find professional voice overs for your video.

So, if you would like to have your educational video created now, just drop us a line and we will be sure to get you started on your video.