Full Length Films

Have a great full-length animation project that you have been wanting to show the world, but don’t know how to take the first steps getting it out there?

Want to reach your students in a language they can understand by creating education animations in the style of School House Rock?

Looking for a gorilla marketing solution that incorporate YouTube in your strategy?

The Animation Spot is here to translate your vision into reality. We have the experience and creativity to help you take your animation idea from a basic plot description to a full length animation.

Full length animation is not just for the big studios anymore. New technologies like Maya, 3-D Max, Aftereffects and HTML 5 have opened up video animation to even those of us with modest budgets. So if you have a dream and the will to get it going, we can offer you affordable solutions for your full-length animation projects.

What We Do ?

The Animation Spot is full-service video animation business. Put simply, we will help you through every (or any) step of the video animation process, from idea to promotion:

Development and Script Writing

Have a cool idea, but aren’t sure what to do with it? You know which characters you want and what kind of story you want to tell, but need someone to help you flesh it out?

No problem. Our professional writers and developers will help you to think through the plot, suggest ways to develop your story further, work as sounding boards for your ideas, and help you add or develop characters.

We employ professional writers as well as designers and marketers. If you have an idea, we can help you to execute it, creating a fully developed script for your full-length animation.

Story Boarding and Character Design

Once you have the story down, we can translate your script into a storyboard so that you can get a fuller sense of how your story board will work. At this stage we can also flesh out your characters and help to you to nail down your story in a visual manner (a challenge for many non-design oriented writers).

Storyboarding also helps to streamline the narrative, and to distill it to its most efficient form. Our team of writers and developers will work with you to help bring it all together.

Shooting Your Full Length Animation

And once the storyboarding and character design are done, you are ready to start shooting. We take your storyboard and make it come to life using the latest in low cost, high quality animation technologies such as Maya and Aftereffects. Our professionals will breathe life into your story, illustrating and animating your narrative.

Professional Voice Overs

We can also help you to recruit voice actors via the network of voice over professionals that we have developed. Whether you need an old croon or an actor that can bark words like a dog, we can find the right person for your project.


And once we have created your full-length animation we will help to edit the sound, visuals, pacing and narrative to meet your requirements so that your video animation gets the job that you set for it, done.

Who is the Animation Spot for?

We take on all size projects, so whether you are an school trying to create an educational video creation, a business looking to create a teaching video for your employees or just someone who has a story to tell, we are here to make your ideas come to life.

Just contact us to get started today!