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Script Writing for Animation

Looking to hire script writers? Have a great idea for an animated commercial for your online business? Want to create an animated cartoon for your online education curriculum to help your students understand a difficult concept?

At The Animation Spot, our professional script writing team and story developers can help you take your idea and grow it into a full-fledged animation script. Having a great idea is a must for an animation project, but if you don’t hire script writing services that know what they are doing to help you take that idea and develop it, the final product will fall short.

Our Professional Animation Script Writers

Many animators think that they are also animation script writers. In fact, however, something that you should keep in mind when you hire script writers, is that the skills involved in creating amazing animations and vivid scenes, do not always overlap particularly well with those involved in script writing.

A script writer needs to do more than create vivid artistic visions—a script writer must mold these artistic visions into an equally captivating narrative that captures the viewer’s attention.

Just think of difficulties involved in different kinds of narratives.

For example, consider how an animation scriptwriter would handle the compressed narrative of an animation commercial versus an educational video. In the educational commercial, the scriptwriting must quickly capture the attention of the viewer and deliver the central message in a concise and memorable fashion. In an educational video however the challenge is not just to capture the viewer’s attention but to find ways to explain concepts in a way that is vivid but also clear. Longer projects require a greater sense of pacing and character development. Shorter projects require the ability to express ideas concisely.

Each project has its own set of difficulties for the scriptwriters.

That is why at The Animation Spot we hire professional, experienced writers who know how to help you take your idea and weave a story around it. Whether you just have the most basic of ideas that needs to be completely fleshed out or have a rough animation script already which you would like edited and revised, our expert scriptwriters can help you!

Animation Script Writing

Animation script writing involves several aspects.

Script writers must be able to create the dialogue the characters in the script will say. This involves not only getting information out, but capturing the personality of characters. Characters reveal themselves not only through the way they dress, but through the way they speak. Imagine what kind of a character who would say, “Good day,” versus the kind of character who would say, “Yo, what’s up, bro?”

Animation script writers must also give stage directions to the storyboard developers, such as detailing the setting, explaining what characters should look like, and explaining the action of the script.

This aspect of script development requires the animation scriptwriters to not only know about what is possible in animation scripts but to take into consideration things such as what kind of animation medium you are using. A 3-D animation design can handle most anything, but if you are using stop motion animation, or 2-D animation there are more complications in creating certain kinds of scripts.

Put simply, it comes down to this. You need the kind of animation scriptwriters that know how to deliver your script. When you hire animation script writing services from The Animaton Spot, you hire scriptwriters who have the experience, creativity and knowhow to bring your ideas to life and get the ball rolling on your animation.

Give us a call today and take that first step in that process.