StoryBoard Design

The Animation Spot Storyboard Design Team

Storyboard design is a key step in the development of your animation project, whether it is a complete animation motion picture, or a simple 30 second advertisement. Animation Spot’s Storyboard Design Team will help transform the idea that you have developed into a shooting script and put images to the script.

This is of key importance to you as an animation developer because this will be your first chance to see how we have interpreted your ideas visually (except perhaps for the character design that we may already have done for you).

Once you see our interpretation of your vision you can guide our storyboard designer in altering or tweaking our interpretation of your shooting script to better meet your vision. This is also the point where we may get a better sense of what it will cost to produce your vision of the shooting script.

The Storyboard Design

The design of a storyboard from a shooting script is a bit of a process in itself. The shooting script may not always be clear to the storyboard designer or the storyboard artist. So there is a bit of back and forth between you or the scriptwriter and the storyboard designer.

Then the work goes to the storyboard artist (who will usually be part of the team that actually produces the animation afterwards). The storyboard artist takes the script and begins to draw out the scenes of the shooting script, making it into a sort of comic book of the animation. Individual scenes or sections of scenes are sketched out in a rough sort of format, containing all the key features of the narrative.

The main idea of the storyboard is not to actually create the cartoon but to create “snapshots” of each individual section so that everyone can get a clear sense of what the final animation will look like. It provides a sort of road map for the animators to follow.

Once the storyboard artist is complete with a draft of the storyboard he or she will consult with the storyboard developer and get the first set of notes on what should be changed. Often the storyboard developer will suggest changes that will stream line the narrative or heighten some aspect of the narrative.

Storyboard Editing and Storyboard Development,

When they have a version that is presentable, the storyboard artist and the storyboard developer will show you the storyboard, and get further notes. This is a good time to further tighten the narrative and make sure that your animation will be exactly the way you want it to be, since this is the last stop before we actually begin creating your animation.

At The Animation Spot, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and delivering superior animation design services for all our customers. Whether you are looking to create an entertaining educational video to serve as a tutorial for users of your product or a commercial to promote your business, give The Animation Spot a try.

You won’t regret it!